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Charlotte, 17, too tall, rower. Over-thinker. Lover of Harry Styles. Music listener. Tea drinker. Fitness addict. Traveller. Generally trying to be happy, positive and achieve my dream.

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Friendly reminder that this guy is soon released on stage again. x

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I visited Amsterdam recently and took a little TFIOS tour! I started at the library where John wrote some of the book and then went on a hunt to find the places in the book and got to meet another Nerdfighter in the process! 

When I go to Amsterdam, I’ll be doing this.

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"For some reason, I wasn’t feeling that, so I tried this really happy approach”.

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2013 Vidcon Photo Booth (x)

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"Tell me i deserve to feel this love,
Tell me anything to pick me up,
Because i could not lie to you baby,
i could not lie."

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One Direction - 24.04.2014 - Rehearsing ‘Little Black Dress” in Bogota (x)

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One Direction rehearsing Rock Me today - April 24, 2014.

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